How to Extract RAR files in Ubuntu 14.04 / 13.10 / 13.04 / 12.10 / 12.04

easiest way to unrar a file on Ubuntu To install unrar Run the following command in terminal and type the password for the user, when prompted. sudo apt-get install unrar First i need to run sudo apt-get install unrar to install unrar. If i want to unpack all files within the .rar files in the... Continue Reading →


How To Backup Databases Using mysqldump Tool , How to backup a MySQL database , How to backup MySQL database structure only , How to backup multiple MySQL databases into a single file

MySQL GUI tools such as phpMyAdmin, SQLyog and etc, often provide features for backup MySQL databases with ease. However, if your database is big, the backup process could be very slow because the backup file needs to be transferred across the network to your client PC. As the result, the backup process increases the locking... Continue Reading →


With increasing amounts of data and server-side processing, caching systems are as important as ever. There are so many varieties of these systems out there, it can be confusing if you don’t understanding the different nuances. Worse yet, if you pick the wrong caching system for your needs or fail to optimize it correctly, the... Continue Reading →

Query time result in MySQL w/ PHP

$starttime = microtime(true); //Do your query and stuff here $endtime = microtime(true); $duration = $endtime - $starttime; //calculates total time taken This will give you the run time in microseconds.

Type hinting in php

With Type hinting we can specify the expected data type (arrays, objects, interface, etc.) for an argument in a function declaration. This practice can be most advantageous because it results in better code organization and improved error messages.It will also explain the subject of type hinting for basic data types (integers, floats, strings, and booleans)... Continue Reading →

Overloading in php oops

Overloading is defining functions that have similar signatures, yet have different parameters. Overriding is only pertinent to derived classes, where the parent class has defined a method and the derived class wishes to override that method. In PHP, you can only overload methods using the magic method __call. An example of overriding: <?php class Foo... Continue Reading →

Differences between abstract class and interface in PHP

Following are some main difference between abstract classes and interface in PHP In abstract classes, this is not necessary that every method should be abstract. But in interface every method is abstract. Multiple and multilevel both type of inheritance is possible in the interface. But single and multilevel inheritance is possible in abstract classes. The method of PHP interface must... Continue Reading →

What is Interface in PHP OOPS ?

Interface in oop enforce definition of some set of method in the class. By implementing interface you are forcing any class to must declaring some specific set of methods in oop. For example if you are creating class to render HTML element then it is necessary to set id and name of your html tag. So in this case... Continue Reading →

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