solution for rss feed is not valid and it starts with 2 spaces

The cause of the problem is a ‘SPACE’ at the beginning of a unknown module script.

  1. Find the script causing this problem:

    grep -n -o -R \ \<\?php * |grep :1:

  2. Delete ‘SPACE’ at the beginning of the found script
  3. Delete Cache

Here is another way of using grep to find the culprit. Mostly it is module file so…
grep -R -H '^ <?php' modules/**/*.module
This will check all module files withing your module folder ( i am a step back in my sites/all folder in my linux terminal to find culprit.)
If you find two spaces leave two space between ^ and <?php, if one space leave one.
you will get the path of file which is culprit.


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