Entity Backup Module Drupal 7 recover/restore entities in drupal 7

Entity Backup

Main purpose of this module is to keep the backup of deleted Drupal core entities and perform recovery of them.

Means if you have deleted Nodes , Comments , Taxonomy Terms , Taxonomy Vocabularies or Users , Then you can recover it.


There is delete and restore options on admin/content/entity_backup_form menu
with confirmation box. If you want to disable or enable confirmation box please go to url for setting.

  • admin/config/content/entity_backup_form


Supports Drupal’s Core Entity Types for creating the backup.

  2. Nodes
  3. Taxonomy Terms
  4. Taxonomy Vocabularies
  5. Users

Its restores all the Drupal 7 core entities excepts Files. As file got deleted during Hook_entity_delete.


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