Why would some features still show Overridden after a revert all –force? in drupal

If some features still show as "Overridden" even after running a full features revert with the force switch? Below are the commands I am running, for the sake of clarity.

drush fr-all --force -y drush fl

A feature or features may not revert for the following reasons as cited by some developers in the issue queue #744450:

  • If your feature includes a view views cache could cause it to remain changed; especially, the migrate module (#1)
  • Other features can cause your feature to be overridden (#10)
  • Adding a line in your info file (#24)
  • There are hooks overriding or altering your view (#36)
  • A view won’t revert. So revert the view using the UI (#62)
  • When Views UI is disabled, it may cause your view to be overriden (#64)
  • A feature is missing an include file (#82)

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