How to relationship and where condition with table in views_query_alter

[Dru] Below code is perfect to add relationship and where condition $join = new views_join(); $join->table = 'users_roles'; $join->field = 'uid'; $join->left_table = 'node'; $join->left_field = 'uid'; $join->type = 'left'; $query->add_relationship('users_roles', $join, 'node'); $query->add_where(1,'users_roles.rid','4' ,'=');


function db_insert : Drupal 7 Writing Multiple Rows to the database at one query

$values = array( array( 'title' => 'Example', 'uid' => 1, 'created' => REQUEST_TIME, ), array( 'title' => 'Example 2', 'uid' => 1, 'created' => REQUEST_TIME, ), array( 'title' => 'Example 3', 'uid' => 2, 'created' => REQUEST_TIME, ), ); $query = db_insert('node')->fields(array('title', 'uid', 'created')); foreach ($values as $record) { $query->values($record); } $query->execute(); I found it... Continue Reading →

How To Install MongoDB on Ubuntu 14.04

Introduction MongoDB is a free and open-source NoSQL document database used commonly in modern web applications. This tutorial will help you set up MongoDB on your server for a production application environment. Note: MongoDB can be installed automatically on your Droplet by adding this script to its User Data when launching it. Check out this... Continue Reading →

Paytm Payment Gateway Integration in PHP

Are you looking for payment solution for your website or mobile app? Paytm payment gateway can be a right choice for that. You can securely accept payment using with Paytm online payment. Paytm is easier as it is linked with many services which make the online transaction convenient for the customers. This is one of... Continue Reading →

.Net Integration with Bill Desk Payment Gateway

Introduction: Now-a-days online shopping websites has become very popular, and to handle the secure Payment transactions, these are relying on popular third part Payment gateways like Billdesk, paypal etc. BillDesk is the Payment Transaction Interface which allows the secure payment through Credit card/Online Banking transaction. Step-by-step Transaction Process: a. Customer logs-in at the merchant website,... Continue Reading →

A Beginner’s Guide to Vim

Ever wanted to learn Vim, but weren't sure how to start? No problem. We have you covered! This will be the first of a four-part (possibly longer) series covering how to use Vim and where to start using the world's best text editor. Note that this is an article explicitly for beginners new to Vim.... Continue Reading →

Drupal Module Hooks

Before we start, we’ll need to write some wrote voodoo setup code. This code may seem weird an unintuitive at first. The explanations for what you’re doing may not make sense. Follow the instructions, persevere, and at the end of this article come back and things should make more sense. We’re going to setup two... Continue Reading →

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